Financial Freedom

Freedom is a Journey

I read a blog asking about financial freedom and, even though it specifically mentioned how narrowminded that concept is when defined by amounts or by financially-based ideas (e.g. “getting out of debt”), I was surprises by how many comments still focused on purely financial achievements or factors.

Here was my response to what financial freedom means to me:

“Yes, financial freedom carries different meanings not only for different people but for each of us depending upon our stage in life.

“I like to share my concept of financial freedom in my workshops as follows: If you’re making your money work for you, then you’re at least on the road to financial freedom. Otherwise, if you’re still working for your money, it controls you and you are definitely not free.

“Where that road leads is up to the individual, but I certainly hope it’s headed for fulfillment outside of the financial sphere.”

Todd Christensen
Director of Education
Facebook: MoneyDay2Day
Twitter: Day2DayMoney


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